Thursday, April 17, 2014

This cartoon illustrates Chapter 2 of Faster Than the Speed of Life.  I drew it to show what my sister looked like at the family reunion we had Thanksgiving 1981.
Trish at Family Reunion 1981, cartoon by Kay
Read the story in a few days at CofA15.  This  is the R-Rated version, one with a yellow sticker over her nipples is running at the other site. . . because I really can't take anything seriously anymore.

For the reunion, Trish came from San Francisco, I came from Houston, and no one mentioned that she was wearing a lacy dress where you could blatantly see her nipples, including me, but I took a picture of it.  Today the image represents how dysfunctional she and I both were as a result of being molested by Father Horne, and how my parents were clueless as to how to deal with us.

I can't call Patricia and ask her to send it to me, but in her family photo album is a shot I took that day that looks almost like this of her posed just as she is in this "cartoon" standing over my bewildered mom and dad.  So to illustrate Chapter 2, I found a piece of paper and drew it out crudely just to capture the image.

Since I threw my scanner-copier across the room and broke it about a year ago, I had to snap a photo of the cartoon to post it here.

Hey you do what you can with what you've got.  That's why I am writing this blog, my story is my only asset.

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