Monday, October 6, 2014

Ted 3 Excerpt, suckled by a nun at age five

From Ted 4, Abuse Not Just Sexual at Madonna Manor R Rated paragraphs:

Where we slept, a kid was crying and a nun came around.  I had to jump back in bed but she caught me.  She said, come with me.

She was probably in her forties, a little heavy set.  Earlier in day she was beating me, now she has me suckle on her breast. 

It's warm it's comfortable, like I was going to get smothered, she holds me like a baby. 

At this point I was five.  She was soft and warm.  That became a regular thing.  She’d come around at night.  I was glad just not to be beaten.  That was the only loving touch I had ever gotten.  It was respite from daily violence of my life. 

What made me uncomfortable was when I got older. I'm in the bed.  Then she came around and would jack me off.  Would put her breast in my face and then she would jack me off. 

And a younger kid is now on the floor.

Wasn’t just me it was other kids too, just seemed to choose them at random.