Wednesday, June 17, 2015

R-Rated Outtake 1 for Chapter 3

Outtake 1 for Faster Than The Speed of Life Chapter 3

Had to have pants off in scene
When I did porn, it was simulated sex. The day it became real, I quit, however just before doing porn in Charlie Was A Lady, I insisted on performing one scene with my pants off (see photo at right)

1969: A studio off Sunset Blvd (in what is today Gower Studios) 

I am in a jumble of bodies, naked people piled on top of each other having simulated sex for an orgy scene, when we find out, right then  while the camera and lights are running, that the rules had changed and from now on the sex would not be simulated, it would be real. 

I was there.  I popped up from the pile of elbows and legs saying, what's that, get out of there, get out of me. 

Up 'til then I'd been amid dozens of people, all naked, all swarming on top of each other, touching each other, and moaning and groaning and as far as I could tell all of us were faking, as we’d been doing for months.  

I did this thing with my face where I pretended to have an orgasm with such amazing awe and joy that the camera guy said, go over there get a closeup of her face, and I did it again, and felt like wow, I am such an accomplished actress. 

Then I felt it, a penis going inside me, and I jumped up and said, whoa what was that. 

The guy down around my legs said something like, "Better get used to it, don't you know things have changed, ever since the Guccione movie."  

I said, whoa no, don't, I only signed on to do simulated sex, and a small chorus of voices reached me saying,

Not anymore. 

The guy between my legs who was not attractive at all, in fact he was someone you would cast as a demon or the short skinny creepy guy with a big pointed nose- he started forcing my legs open as he explained to me

“We're all doing it for real now.  Since last Tuesday.”

And I freaked, jumped up, got my clothes and left ,

Because up until then THEY NEVER INSERTED A PENIS into me when I was performing on camera.  Tongues yes, but no real sex.  I could, like Bill Clinton, say, I did not have sex with that person, or those three hundred men, even though it was on camera him cumming all over me or me bouncing up and down pretending to have an orgasm, what I was really doing was concentrating on the camera angle to keep my elbow out of the shot. 

I keep emphasizing that the sex was simulated in the porn when I did it, because that's got a lot to do with why I left L.A. summer of 1969. 

To go find Timothy Leary. 

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